Our Story

Indian based Designer, Aakriti, fell in love with the world of jewellery at a young age. As the daughter of a fine jeweller, she was surrounded at home by the most precious Gemstones.

Growing up, Aakriti was always interested in Gemology  and followed on from her degree in Graduate Gemologist from GIA.  (Gemological Institute of America).

Aakriti started her line “CARILLON” which allows for a inimitable, fresh influence using a range of mixed metals and precious Gemstones with diverse finishes.

Carillon infuses modernity and sustainability into traditional designs. Links, chains, and pendants are the building blocks of each collection using these fundamental elements and making them their own, regardless of gender or age. Designing for those that seek individuality, the continual playful development of each collection expands as new dimensions, weights and sizes are introduced using ethically sourced materials.